Beat Hazard Ultra (PC PSN XBLA Linux OSX Android iOS)

17 Mar 2015

Beat Hazard is a twin stick shooter (mouse and keyboard can also be used), that uses music to organise attack waves. The faster the music, the faster the enemy and both you and the enemies rate of fire.

You know when you see a health warning at the start of a game? Well with this game... (read more)

Intake (PC OSX)

03 Mar 2015

Intake launches with an awesome soundtrack and trippy visuals, immediately giving an arcade feel to it, both of which are a constant throughout the game.

Instructions given are extremely sparse, and take a few goes to understand... (read more)

Slip (PC)

01 Mar 2015

Slips intro is straight to the point, Steve, your nemesis, has invented purple.

There are billboards along the landscape that Steve has placed, to help motivate you to die.

The aim of the game, is... (read more)

News Bytes

27 Feb 2015

Time for that news snack again.
take a PEEK

Sonic Adventure DX (PC Dreamast GameCube PSN XBLA)

20 Feb 2015

You load up seeing what was an impressive intro at the time of its release. The intro is still good, it slightly lets you down by modern day graphics standards. The introduction is a cinematic... (read more)

Re: Update Slowdown

Due to Microsoft pushing out a faulty security update, it has been difficult to edit code and write content, as the security update has broken the development font (courier new). The font had become unreadable, a bit like an old typewriter that has missing pins.

For now, developer font has been changed (after finding out the problem), unfortunately, the font I found as a replacement, still causes eye strain when reading/editing for prolonged periods.

Please be patient with updates during this time, Microsoft is aware of the issue (affecting Vista and Server OS), so hopefully it will be fixed in a speedy manner.

News Bytes

14 Feb 2015

The weeks news stories in snack size.
Take a byte here.

Everlasting Summer (PC OSX Linux Android)

10 Feb 2015

Everlasting Summer is an Anime VN (Visual Novel). There are very few actual interactive scenes, which makes this more of a sit back and read experience, especially if you tweak the settings to your reading pace.

What little interaction you do partake in however... (read more)

Chaos Ride (PC)

09 Feb 2015

Based in a futuristic world, bike racing has transformed to take place in magnetic tubes, where riders can reach speeds of up to 800 Mph.

There are nine locations to race in, with 5 race types per location (Practice, Race, Eliminator... (read more)

To the Moon (PC, OSX, Linux)

07 Feb 2015

On load up, you are presented with a relaxing piece of music, with a dream like backdrop of the moon shining down over the game menus.

Starting the game, I was taken by surprise at how awful the graphics are. Undeterred as usual (graphics... (read more)

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