How to Support VG Mad

30 March 2015
Ways to help support VGMad, will populate this page within days.

The obvious way to help us, is to share our tweets, facebook status updates, or directly share a page you enjoyed, using the share buttons found on most pages, like the ones below.

You can follow VGMad at a few places around the web. There is a full list with links to the right (if viewing on desktop, otherwise you will find the list near the bottom of this page).

  • VGMad Reviews - Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Steam, Twitter.
  • Planned Streams - Steam, Twitch, Twitter.
  • Live Streams and Chat - Twitch.
  • Video - YouTube.
  • Everything - Twitter.

  • If there's a social network not listed above, that you use often, let us know and we will look into joining up so that you can recieve our updates.

    Our live streams on Twitch. Anytime we go live, a Tweet will go out on the VGMad Twitter account. Twitch will also let you know, if you follow our twitch channel.
    You can also watch our videos on the VGMad YouTube channel. These videos will be anything from gameplay footage, lets plays, and reviews.
    Any scheduled streams, will be announced a few days in advance. Scheduled streams will mostly be VGMad Nights.

    Whitelist VGMad
    We all hate the majority of ads, that's why VGMad has a policy of NEVER using full screen ads, nor will we ever have pop-up ads.
    Unfortunately, the truth is, advertising revenue provides the monies needed, which allows us to provide our content to reduce our costs. So we would kindly like to ask, that you add VGMad to your whitelist, if you are currently using methods to block ads.

    Many thanks to everyone that has helped, and continues to help, VGMad.