All games are purchased from my own pocket, so if I feel ripped off, I will say so.

All scores will be rated from 1-100. The full scoring scale will be used. Average will be smack bang in the middle (50), where it should be.

Send your games to me at your peril, I will not score your product higher, just because you gifted it to me. Additionally, gifted games for review, will be declared in a disclaimer, at the beginning of the review.

Presentation Box art, Load screens, Cutscenes, Manual, Freebies
Graphics Sprites, Backdrops, Animation, Smoothness
Playability Learning curve, Fun or a grind, addictiveness, Absorbing
Sound Music, Effects, Voice acting

00% - 34% Definately a game to avoid.
35% - 49% Below Average. A game that may be worth trying, only if you have an avid interest in the genre or subject matter.
50% - 64% Average. A game to be given a chance, even if you only get a couple of hours of enjoyment from it.
65% - 79% Above Average. A game you should try, and will probably get a few hours enjoyment from.
80% - 94% Good. You should definately not pass on a game scoring 80% or more.
95% - 100% Get this game now!

About New Additions

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The reason for this, is due to the fact that multiple webpages updated with a mention of a new addition, is time consuming.

This is a part time project, that is all hardcoded, ie pure html5 and css typed in a text editor. No CMS plug-ins are used. This is to please you, the end user, with faster webpage rendering and loading, especially for those of you that mostly read webpages on your mobile phone.

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