Menu Problem

Some old mobile devices, have problems with modern web code.

Some modern Android devices, such as the Galaxy S3 and the Tab3, have internal browser errors that haven't been addressed. Specifically, stock browsers on Jellybean and before, are unable to process some code as intended.

To solve any coding issues presented by older or stock browsers if website menu's don't work as they should, you may wish to consider using another browser on your device, such as Chrome.

If you are unable to do so, due to either personal preference or lack of a third party browser, then on VGMad we have you covered with an alternative menu.

If you choose to use the alternative menu, then please be aware, that to return back to the menu, you will have to use the 'Menu' link at the bottom of every webpage to access it again (or use the back button on your device/browser until you reach it again).

Some visitors will think of the web coder as being lazy to not provide a work-around, for legacy devices, or buggy browsers.
Unfortunately, the truth is, any fix would require the use of system hungry code, which would slow down web page load times considerably, especially for those with poor signal coverage.

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