Weekly News Bytes

Friday 27 Feb 2015

GOG Goes Native German
Gog has launched a German variant of it's storefront. To celebrate, all GOG customers can grab massive discounts on the DRM-free store, on it's weekend long promotion.
visit gog,com

Warner Bros and Paradox DRM-free Games
WB and Paradox Interactive have partnered with GOG, to bring a handful of games DRM-free on the GOG store.

Google Machine Plays Games
A computer program learned how to play 49 classic Atari games, being as good as humans for more than half of the games played.
full story here

Civ Master Sid Meier
Interviewed in the Guardian

Game Prices Rise in Canada
...by around 5 CAD, taking the normal priced game to 75 CAD after taxes.

Gamer Added to Suspected Terrorist List
An American gamer, noted as a suspected terrorost by police because he plays a flight simulation, and didn't make eye contact with the police.
full story here

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