South Park Delayed

09 Feb 2017

Coon and friends, are delayed yet again. Release date is very vague.

E3 Day 2 Round-up

17 Jun 2015

More info from E3, consumable in just a few minutes.

E3 Day 1 Round-up

16 Jun 2015

Lots of info from E3, consumable in less than two minutes.

Hatred (PC)

02 Jun 2015

With all the negative press before launch, with some bullshit moral high ground taken by some reviewers at mainstream gaming sites, is Hatred really deserving of the Adult Only rating? Is it really deserving of being banned from Twitch? More importantly, is the game actually any good? (read more)

Commenting Now Working

31 May 2015

Feel free to start interacting within the comments of reviews and articles.

Weekly Round-up

16 Apr 2015

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Amiga is 30, Nearly

12 Apr 2015

To celebrate Amiga's 30th anniversary this year, we have collected a few links for your consumption, all recent news, features, and creativity... (read more)

Terminator 2 Judgement Day (C64)

11 Apr 2015

Seeing as the C64 version of the game, even though shares some of the other versions levels, it seemed unfair to bundle this as part of the Amiga review. So is it better?

In a word... (read more)

Terminator 2 Judgement Day (Amiga)

11 Apr 2015

Back in 1991, the greatest ever movie sequel arrived, Terminator 2. Alongside it's launch came lots of movie tie-in merchandise, and the game license was acquired by Ocean, as usual. Film licensed video games are very often cash grabs, with a shoddy game. Was Terminator 2... (read more)

Aliens vs Humans (Android iOS)

28 Mar 2015

Ever since I got my copy of UFO Enemy Unknown, back on the Amiga 1200, over two decades ago, I was addicted. I've played every sequel and reincarnation I could find since. Until recently though, to play UFO Enemy Unknown on my Android device, I had to use an Amiga emulator, which was a little tricky to use.

Thankfully, due to a trip down memory lane (I was... (read more)

UFO Enemy Unknown (Amiga PC Playstation)

27 Mar 2015

UFO Enemy Unknown is also known as X-COM UFO Defense in USA, and X-COM Enemy Unknown for Playstation in Europe.

At the time of it's release, the game was set in the near future (the future back then, was 1999). Due to heightened reports of UFO encounters and sightings, the worlds major governing leaders meet in Geneva to discus the issue. Extraterrestrial Combat (X-COM) is born.

You take the role of everything X-COM... (read more)

UFO Enemy Unknown (Amiga PC Playstation)

27 Mar 2015

Battlescape gameplay video. (watch here)

Layout May Look Odd

23 Mar 2015

Due to more tweaks the last few days, some parts of the site may look slightly wierd for regular visitors. To correct this, you may need to either force a page refresh, or clear your browsers cache then reload the page.
There will be some optimisation done within days, to shave off another fraction of page load times.

News Bytes

23 Mar 2015

It's been a while, as nothing has really stood out over the last month, snack time.
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