Amiga is 30 (Nearly)

12 April 2015

To celebrate Amiga's 30th anniversary this year, we have collected a few links for your consumption, all recent news, features, and creativity.

You just have to be in awe at this. Created by Craig Coope, using 33,640 beads, placed over 40 pegboards, and has a bead resolution of 232 x 145.

It measures in at over one metre along it's X axis. The two images here, show the masterpiece on Craig's wall, and one with the Amiga Tank Mouse placed upon it to show its scale.

Craig has created a fair few bead arts, which can be found on his Instagram page.
Link Coope's Instagram

New Games
Not at all surprising, fans and enthusiasts keep the Amiga alive. So far three games have been released this year, and in the works is an unofficial sequel for the Rick Dangerous Series.
Link RD - Other Levels

The Amiga Wars, is a multipart in-depth look at every thing Amiga, which is sure to give you information on some things you did not know about. It's a fairly lengthy read, so get yourself a cuppa, kick back and immerse yourself.
Link The Amiga Wars

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Techradar has a three part feature, on what Peter Molyneux's formula was, for creating addictive Amiga games. For those that can't remember, Molyneux was the man behind Bullfrog.
Link Molyneux's Magic Formula

30th in UK
Some big names will be attending the event in Peterborough, including the likes of RJ Mical, David Pleasance, The Sumner's, Martyn Brown, Allister Brimble, Jon Hare, and more.
For tickets eventbrite
For more details

30th in Cali USA
A Kickstarter campaign is up and running, with a week to go to reach it's target, to host an event at the Computer History Museum. At time of writing, they are just 3,000 short of its 20,000 target.
Full details kickstarter campaign

True Love
Over at Vice, is a look at one man's perspective of the Amiga, a short but enjoyable read.
Link I'll Never Love a Computer Like I Loved Amiga

The Amiga Years
A Kickstarter campaign surpassed its target by nearly double, raising just over 95,000. The campaign is for a documentary focused solely on the Amiga, by the same people that brought us, From Bedrooms to Billions. Going by the quality and content from their first effort, this is bound to be a sure hit.
Link From Bedrooms to Billions
Link to updates kickstarter updates

Viva Amiga
Another Amiga documentary, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, surpassing it's 25,000 target.
Link to updates Viva Amiga

A Visual Commpendium
A book spanning over 400 pages is now available to buy, after a successful Kickstarter campaign.
Link Bitmap Books

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